The Best Flight Simulation Games For PC

From transporting passengers around the world on jet planes to flying fighter planes during battles, flight simulation games are simply amazing. Here are a rundown of the best flight simulation games for PC that enable you to manipulate flight conditions, weather conditions and also experience system failures to get in touch with some realistic, scary but real good fun.

X-Plane 10

X-Plane has been one of the most realistic of the flight simulation games on the market. X-Plane 10 allows you to create your very own plane and also fly just about any particular type of plane that you’d want to. The game offers you a wide choice ranging from space shuttles to gliders and also allows you to change weather conditions, play using variable weights, take off from about 30000 different airports of the world and a lot of other exciting features as well. X-Plane 10 also offers you multiple player functions so you can have some fun with your friends as well.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator X allows you to fly around the world, create your very own routes and also your own planes. You can extend gameplay and enhance your experience by downloading skins and add-ons for your planes and the system package. The game is updated regularly and you get new air crafts and cities added with every version. Microsoft Flight Simulator X has a mission based game that allows you to solve mysteries and indulge in some serious flying battles.

Lock On: Modern Air Combat

When you want some real action, go ahead and choose Lock On: Modern Air Combat to play. The game puts you at the helm of 8 jets coming in from Russia or America in serious combat mode. You could opt for quick start or training sessions as you like and connect up to 32 players through LAN or 6 through the internet. Lock On: Modern Air Combat is a fun game when you want to battle it in the air with friends.

Jane’s WWII Fighters

If you’d like to have some historical plane flying fun, you can opt for Jane’s WWII Fighters. The game has a beautiful simulation that allows you to fly different planes from the WWII era. You have training mode for all levels, making Jane’s WWII Fighters a real good experience for those new to flight simulation games as well. Multiplayer feature is also available through which you can connect up to 8 players via LAN or the internet.

IL- 2 Sturmovik

This is a WWII flight simulator game that is one of the best and offers the most wanted combat flight simulations. IL- 2 Sturmovik has some very awesome features which allow you to design amazing missions, connect multiple players up to 32 if you opt for the dogfight mode and very close to real graphics. You can choose to indulge in air combat and air to ground combat. If you’re really interested in war combat flights, this is the game for you.

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